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Are you keeping up with the times and never miss the newest trends? Do you say yes to trends in living and follow the newest trendy colors and materials? Let us introduce the trends of 2020 and give your home zest, modernity and style. Or perhaps, if you are just choosing a new home for yourself, you will find tips and tricks which will make your search easier for you.

Color of the year

And the color of the year is – pastel green. It optically enlarges space and brightens up you home. But not everyone can imagine such color on their walls or furniture. Try few accessories or textiles first. Pastel green has a very positive effect on people's mood. It reminds us of the country and relaxes us and calms us down. If you are buying a property and want to design it according to your style, try the option Shell & Core. Such properties have basic decor without final finishing of the interior. Those are completed based on the wishes and desires of the owner of the property. So you may want the entire flat painted pastel green.


There is never enough space. Especially storage! Even though these days all things are getting smaller and minimal, it is important to give yourself plenty of storage space in your house or apartment . Storage is supposed to be only for useful and often used things , so make sure to let go of that unworn and unused stuff ! Tip for saving space: record your old video tapes onto a newer medium, change DVDs for Netflix and upload your music to Spotify. Keep up with the times and save space in your house! To create enough storage space you can get folding furniture. For example armchair, couch, dining table, living room table, folding mattress or a mirror which can fold and unfold as you need, will help you keep your home airy and spacious.

Smart Home

Are you afraid to control your home via smartphone? Do you think you don't understand technology and it isn't for you? Smart household doesn't require any in depth technical knowledge, cable wiring or complicated installation. You will gain a helper which will make your everyday tasks easier, will enhance safety and lower your power bill. For example a mattress company has developed a product which monitors your sleeping and laying patterns using sensors. It will find out which temperature and other conditions help you fall asleep, it will analyse and keep count in order to improve your future sleep to become more effective and superior.

Examples from Smart Homes:

  • Smart lighting offers adjustable intensity and color of light. Falling asleep and waking up naturally thanks to gradual dimming and brightening of lights. Optional settings of intensity for your favorite activities ( watching films, exercising, getting up) Irregular intervals of lighting for when you are out of the house to keep out burglars.
  • Smart thermoregulator, which will advise you on how to lower your heating cost. Wireless control of heating and air conditioning. It learns your heating preferences and detects smoke and carbon dioxide.
  • smart home security includes for example security cameras which become your eyes while you are away. You gain constant surveillance of the guarded area and notification and recording will start immediately after disturbance or forcible trespass.

Smart home is often already installed in newly offered properties. You shouldn’t be afraid of this modern feature, quite the opposite. Installation of tasks and smart appliances is intuitive and easy. You will see that soon you won't want to live any other way!

Living in a residence

Luxury living is no longer just for presidents or celebrities. Living in a residence combines the benefits of living in the centre of town with the benefits of residing in a calm environment of parks and greenery. Another advantage of living in a residence are civic amenities, the proximity of doctors and surgeries, public transport accessibility, parking, modernly equipped apartments on offer and other services. From security guard, 24 hour reception, pet sitting to mail collecting while you are on vacation. In some residencies you will find a private cinema, gentlemans club, golf simulator, car elevator, wellness or yoga lessons.

Property management

This service is used by investors and owners which have one or more properties and don't want to waste time managing and renting out their assets. The company will manage everything from administrative tasks to communication with tenants. It takes care of single apartments, group of apartments, houses or entire buildings.

We provide precisely this service. We emphasize individual needs of each owner, that is why we adjust our services to fit each client. We will ensure your property is being well taken care of . All you have to do is contact us.

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