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We hear it all around us. A smart, intelligent, digital home or co called smart home is a home that can be controlled and monitored from a mobile device, ie a smartphone or a tablet. The aim of the intelligent house is to increase the comfort of the owner, reduce costs, ensure maximum safety and also fun. You think it's not for you? No need to be a technical genius, a smart home is really for everyone!

What is a smart household?

Whether you have an apartment or a house, bigger or smaller, an intelligent home can manage all systems almost without your intervention. All your devices need to be connected and synchronized to run smoothly. Of course, this isn't going to work for black and white TV, but modern technology can easily handle a smart home . The central control unit has a perfect overview of what is happening in your home, from the initial setup to the checking of ongoing processes.

What can I connect?

Are you looking around and wondering what can be connected to a smart home? Definitely all home appliances: dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, oven, coffee maker, television, whole audio system and robotic vacuum cleaner. You can be tidying up and doing the washing while having a cup of espresso on the couch. Isn't that great? You can also add lighting, so you can create romanticly dimmed lights with your phone before you even enter the door. You can adjust the light intensity for waking up, or for watching your favorite show in the evening. An intelligent home can do everything!

What else can I add?

Smart homes can handle heater thermostats, alarms (those connected to motion sensors for door and window security, CO2 and smoke detectors), door locks or surveillance cameras, smart sockets that show power consumption on your phone, and finally smart home weather stations. All appliances and accessories operate wirelessly over Wi-Fi, Internet or Bluetooth.

Wire or wireless?

The wire system is used mainly in commercial real estate such as hotels or shopping centers. The cable system provides a more stable connection with a larger number of devices. Of course, wires are not very appealing for home use and moreover, and cannot be easily applied in areas which were not built with a smart home in mind. A wireless system can be plugged in without a company and is much simpler. Even an amateur can handle turning on all elements in the home. Wireless systems such as EnOcean or Z-Wave have the same reliability as cable systems. Moreover, they are much cheaper. For the home, the choice is clear – wireless.

How to get everything connected?

Just place a central control unit in the apartment or connect all to your smartphone. This is done by simple applications that can after be used from anywhere. These applications are free of charge from manufacturers, so your smart home won't get expensive. In addition, most of them are in multiple languages, which gives smart households another positive point. With the help of your smartphone, you can do the laundry, turn on the dishwasher or record your favorite series, brew coffee, bake dinner in the oven or heat up yesterday's supper and also regulate heating. But that's not all! You can close the curtains, water the plants in the garden and even let fresh air in one of the rooms. Several pre-set profiles are available to help you follow daily routines. It sounds like science fiction, but over 90,000 homes are currently connected, so why not add another? Some of the properties we offer have built-in smart homes or are ready to be connected. You will certainly welcome this benefit as it will provide you with a degree of comfort, entertainment, safety and energy savings. If you do not find your dream property in our offer, please contact us. We'll be happy to help you find it.

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