V Tower - luxury living in the clouds

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The tallest apartment building in the Czech Republic has become a symbol of the Prague Pankrác Plain in Prague 4 and also the most luxurious living spot in the capital. At the same height as the top of St. Vitus Cathedral, there are thirty floors of luxury that meet the highest demands for housing and comfort of the local residents.

Symbolism of the V tower

The new construction of a luxury high-rise apartment building rises into the clouds in the symbolism of the „V“ (Victoria), which, according to architect Radan Hubička, represents a general symbol of openness, freedom, joy and optimism. However, it is often stated that the V shape of the building symbolizes the uniqueness of the entire project, which was completed in 2018 and cost over three billion crowns. The Tower also presents two parts, namely the male and female principles (Yin and Yang). The whole „V“ is turned perpendicular to the axis of Prague Castle and on the roofs of this villa in the clouds you will find gardens and swimming pools, providing residents with breathtaking views of the surroundings, which will never get boring.

„The two towers move away from each other, at the same time are approaching each other, and at the bottom they are firmly connected. From different points of view the two towers collide, one disappears and the other emerges, emptiness appears, then they merge again.“ says architect Radan Hubiška on wikipedia.cz.

Stylish living in a skyscraper

The V Tower project has a total of 130 apartments, located on the 5th to the 30th floor of the building. Individual luxury apartments have from 50 to 400 m2 and meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.To suit the comfort of the residents, there is a private swimming pool, steam room, whirlpool and fitness, golf simulator, yoga room, children's corner, cinema and elegant lobby available on the first floor of the building. Concierge services and 24/7 reception offer package collection, pet sitting or, for example, a flower arrangement services. Transportation to the airport, dry cleaning or minor repairs in the apartment are a matter of course. There are also 254 parking spaces, located on three underground floors. In the spacious garages you will find space for washing bicycles or charging stations for electric cars.

The layout of individual apartments

Only the highest quality, luxurious materials and timeless technologies were used in all apartments. The upper floors offer a breathtaking view of the historic center and other corners of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Among the most luxurious apartments that the V Tower residence offers are penthouses, which are located on the highest floors of the building and have views of the Bohemian Central region Mountains, the Krušné Mountains, the Krkonoše Mountains, Ještěd mountain and the whole of Prague.

Breathtaking building

Thanks to the glass walls, which have been inserted deep inside, there is no reflection of the glass and you can enjoy natural light from all parts of the building. There are also so-called cooling ceilings, which are more environmentally friendly and less damaging to human health than other cooling systems.

The V Tower project is designed so that it is possible to collect rainwater and use it to water the plants. Balconies and the shape of the building respect the cardinal points and the path of the sun and act as natural sunbreaks – in summer they prevent the sharp sun from getting in, while in winter, when the sun is below the horizon and the sun's rays are in demand, they get inside, says Martin Jaroš from PSJ INVEST company, in an article in Hospodářské noviny.

The building has very good acoustics, which guarantees residents discretion and silence in individual apartments. It has modern, efficient and economical technologies and thus provides perfect living right in the center of the metropolis. Safety is ensured by the The V Tower guards, which provide residents with the highest level of security in the entire building.

A word from broker Hana Fisher

V Tower will captivate you from afar as well as up close. Immediately after entering, you are looking forward to what awaits you inside. I was surprised by the attitude of the receptionists, the pleasant smell in the elevator, its speed, the self-opening garage door, and the fact that there is a mobile signal. What fascinates me most about V Tower is the air in the apartments themselves, you immediately notice its freshness and thanks to the constant cleaning of the air, you won't find any dust in the apartments. Another positive aspect is the low fees. The unusual things I could name are innumerable. All of them are united by thoughtfulness, sophistication and the ubiquitous originality of the architect Radan Hubička. You will not find anything similar in any other apartment building in the Czech Republic or in Central Europe.

Current properties in the V Tower project for sale

To arrange a tour of one of the apartments in the unique V Tower residence, contact us.

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