Why would you enjoy working as a real estate agent?

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Have you ever thought about working as a real estate agent? Do you wonder what such a job entails? Would you like to know why we think you would enjoy this job (as opposed to, say, working for a corporation¬†ūüėä)?


First of all, selling and renting real estate is a very diverse job. No two properties are the same and neither are the clients. Each property has its own story and each client has his or her own motivations that need to be considered throughout the entire business deal. In our case, the personal approach is the main asset we offer our clients along with the property. And because life is not black and white, it is often necessary to involve a little creativity to keep everything running according to plan.


The work of a real estate agent is quite a complex occupation, which assumes that you like to meet different people and communication is not only no problem, but literally makes you happy. A real estate agent is in contact with both the client who is interested in selling or renting and the potential buyer of the property. He also handles all the administrative support of the business case, including communication with the land registry office or other involved parties.


The real estate agent is the imaginary engine of the whole ‚Äědeal‚Äú. Personal approach and care are areas that should be as important to the broker as the property itself. At least at Philip & Frank, we feel that way. After all, you'll be happiest when the client genuinely thanks you at the end of the process and tells you that they had a great time working with¬†you.


Are you an early bird or more of a night owl? Both biorhythms are positive factorsfor real estate agents. You manage your own work schedule¬†‚Äď of course, taking into account the client's¬†needs¬†‚Äď in a way that suits you. Client satisfaction and results are important, regardless of whether you achieve them at 10am or¬†7pm.


Another advantage of being a real estate agent is that you directly influence how much you earn. And another advantage of working for Philip & Frank is that, unlike most other estate agents, the amount you earn is not capped in any way. It depends only on the diligence and skill of the individual broker.


Working as a real estate agent is not necessarily a full-time job. At least not at Philip & Frank. This gives you the opportunity to combine real estate work with other work activities you enjoy.


You're not a real estate specialist and you don't know this area properly? That's¬†okay¬†‚Äď a real estate office will usually provide you with the necessary training to get you up to speed. Then all you need is the determination, the desire and the willingness to learn new things.

If you think you would enjoy this work as a real estate agent and want to experience it for yourself, do not hesitate to contact Filip ҆ejvl at filip@philip-frank.com or +420¬†776¬†006¬†044.¬†We are always happy to welcome new colleagues who, like us, believe in a handshake.

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Words from our past clients

We have been cooperating with Philip & Frank brokers for a few years. Throughout that time it has been proved that it was a good choice. We are especially satisfied with their transparency and regular information about the progress of each project. At the same time we have always been in control of all decision-making. We will be happy to recommend them and their legal services to our friends and relatives. It was our pleasure warking with them.

Martin and Tereza K.

While we were selling our flat, we approached the brokers of Philip & Frank who had been recommended to us. I¬†was really satisfied and delighted. Their truly professional approach¬†‚Äď meetings with us, organization of tours of the flat with clients and arranging the formal aspects of the sale, including cooperation with an excellent lawyer¬†‚Äď was astonishing. I¬†appreciate their competence and I¬†recommend this real estate agency to other clients.

Ludmila K.

Thanks to the professionalism of Philip & Frank real estate brokers I learned that even purchasing a property can be a pleasant experience. Their thoroughness, reliability, helpfulness and kindness enabled us to concentrate only on the property. We were relieved of all the worries regarding the purchase and we could simply enjoy buying the flat. That is what you dream of but I would never have thought that it could come true. Thank you for your perfect services!

Zuzana P.

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