Rental Process in Prague: Step by Step

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Let us introduce to you the basic “step by step” of renting an apartment or family home in Prague.

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1. Represented by an Agent or Not?

You can choose whether you want to be represented by an agent or if you prefer to do the search on your own. If you pick an agent you can save a lot of time since it is quite difficult to scan the entire market on your own.

These are the basic reasons why to pick an agent:

  • There is no single database on the Prague real estate market where you will find all of the offered properties for rent (this works for sale as well). The agent can scan it for you and you will get the desired results.
  • You will talk to one real estate agent instead of several agents when to settibg up the viewings to avoid confusion.
  • Your one single agent will understand your inquiry better since you will both get to know each other well.
  • The agent can set the viewings of the picked properties in a row.
  • Not all of the agents in Prague speak English. You might experience difficulties during some of the viewings.
  • Your agent will set up everything for you and will negotiate everything on your behalf.
  • A good agent will be there for you during the whole rental period.

2. Agent Fees

Since fees to real estate agents are not regulated by the market, a fixed commission does not exist. The most common commission for rent is one month rent (net rent) + VAT.

3. Scheduling the viewings

We recommend you to schedule the viewings at least one day beforehand. Sometimes you can make it the same day but it is more convenient for the landlords and the availability of the agents to be ready at least one day upfront.

4. During the viewings

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the quality of living and conditions of the property that you are viewing in Prague. Ask for information about the neighbors, safety of the location, parking, public transport, schools, nearby grocery shops, etc.

5. Be sure about the rental conditions

Before the actual closing of the deal you should be aware of important things regarding the rent.

Rental Price

What does the rent include? What are the monthly charges? Do the charges include utilities (electricity, gas, etc.)?

What is the amount of the security deposit?

One month rent? Two month rent? The security deposit is usually derived from the condition and the equipment of the property. The better the condition of the property is, the higher deposit. We mostly witness 1 month or 2 month security deposits.

Length of the rental agreement in Prague

How long are you going to rent the apartment? If you are planning to stay in Prague for more than a year, we mostly recommend to close the rental agreement for one year with the possibility of prolongation.

6. Agree on Pets with the Landlord

Although in Prague there is no law regarding keeping pets in a rented apartment, it is still good to have the landlord's consent. You always want to keep a good relationship with the landlord.

7. Signing the Rental Agreement

The rental agreement should always be prepared according to the recent provisions of the Czech Civil Code. Your Prague Agent should help you with understanding the agreement and check if everything is the way it should be.

8. Property Handover

During the handover of the property make sure that all the meters (electricity, gas, water, heater, etc.), all the furniture and equipment are written down in the handover protocol. It is important to write down all the defects and describe the overall condition of the property in the Protocol. We recommend to take pictures of the entire property as well. Do take pictures of the mentioned defects. These pictures should be given to the landlord as well as to the tenant and should serve as complementary evidence of the handed property.

9. Utilities Transfer

If you agree with the landlord on transferring the utilities, make sure that you set right the monthly payments and individual tariffs.

We hope that our article was helpful. Feel free to contact us us if you have any questions regarding the rent of your apartment.

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