Prague 5

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Prague 5 consists of Smíchov, Košíře, Motol, Radlice, Jinonice and Hlubočepy. It is located southeast of the city center and lies just beneath the Prague Castle. It is situated on the left bank of the river Vltava. Most of the properties close to the river are beautiful historic buildings. Prague 5 is a highly demanded district for living. Not only is it close to the Prague Castle and adjacent to the river, but it also has large shopping center „Nový Smíchov.“

Prague 5 Locations:

  • Smíchov
  • Košíře
  • Motol
  • Radlice
  • Jinonice
  • Hlubočepy


Smíchov according to some of the locals is the second-best place to live after Dejvice. Recently, a number of residences such as Melange or Park Nikolajka have been built here. There are also several parks that you can visit here, including Zahrady Kinských, which connects Smíchov with the Petřín hill, or the park Sacre Coeur. Smíchov also has one of the most visited shopping centers in Prague, „Nový Smíchov,“ which is right next to the metro station Anděl. Here, you can also find a movie theater with 4D screenings. For those who prefer to stick with old-school theatres, you can visit Švandovo divadlo. You can also find a wide range of historical sites such as Portheimka, a baroque summer palace, and the villa Bertramka, where the famous composer Mozart lived during his stay in Prague. The area has an international preschool – Nessie preschool of Park Lane International School and a trilingual international school for children of all ages – Lycée Français de Prague.


Košíře is situated between Smíchov and Motol and is considered a residential area. We can find the residential buildings mostly in the valley, while the villas are located on the slope. Some embassies also have their headquarters here. Košíře is definitely an attraction for those who want to stay away from the busy city and enjoy the clean air and greenery of nature, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the „lungs of Prague.“ The western part of Košíře is covered by the extensive park Košíře-Motol, also known as Cibulka.


Jinonice is located southeast of the city center and like Košíře is mostly composed of villas. The reason for this is the hills, which prevented the construction of a larger residential complex. Jinonice used to be home to many major industrial businesses. Today, there are several projects planned, the most significant being the residence Waltrovka. Jinonice is also the residency of the humanities faculty of Charles’ university. There is also a vast library which falls under Charles’ University. The area has its own bilingual international school – Deutsche Schule Prag.


Hlubočepy is situated in the valley of Dalejský potok. The majority of the houses are located along the main street K Barrandovu. Barrandov lies in the eastern part of Hlubočepy and consists mostly of villas and film studios. The Barrandov settlement is where most of the inhabitants of this district live. Most of the houses are family houses with some storey buildings. The population in Hlubočepy has been slowly increasing and its assumed that this trend will continue. Hlubočepy is attractive for its inhabitants especially because of the proximity of the nature reserve Prokop valley and good transport services.

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