Parking in Prague

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Parking in Prague can be a real pain if you don’t understand the parking system. We bring you some basic information regarding the parking zones and prices of parking in Prague.

Parking is regulated by Paid Parking Zones (PPZ) in order to protect residents living in parts of the city with a lot of traffic and to motivate visitors to park in these zones for only a necessary period of time. The founder of the PPZ is the city of Prague.


The first thing to know is where you can actually park in Prague. In order to know that, you need to learn that there are four different parking zones:

1. Parking for residents (blue zone)

The blue zone, which is marked by a blue stripe on the road is intended for residents of the given district. Only people with a valid parking permit can park in the blue zone without any further restrictions. This permit can be obtained by the user of the vehicle if they have a permanent residence or ownership of some kind of property/establishment in the area. Other motorists can park for a maximum of 3 hours in the blue zone, only after payment via the web application Virtual Parking Clock.

2. Mixed parking (purple zone)

The purple zone, which is marked with discontinuous white markings on the road and a purple stripe on the vertical traffic sign is intended for mixed parking. Those with permanent residence in the area and a valid permit can park here with no restrictions. Other motorists can park a maximum of 24 hours in the purple zone, only after via the Virtual Parking Clock or using the parking ticket machine.

3. Parking for visitors (orange zone)

The orange zone, which is marked with discontinuous white markings on the road and an orange stripe on the vertical traffic sign is designated for short time parking. All users may park on the orange zone for a maximum of 3 hours and only after paying via the Virtual Parking Clock or using the parking ticket machine.

4. Park and Ride P+R (green zone)

It is very convenient to use public transport for travel around the city, especially in the city centre which is why there is a number of Park and Ride (P+R) parking lots. They are situated close to large public transport stops and allow for easy transfer from vehicle into a bus, tram or metro.

To keep up to date with the Paid Parking Zones here is a brief plan of the current PPZ concept:

  • August 24, 2016 – PPZ was established in Prague 5 and Prague 6
  • September 1 2016 – PPZ was established in Prague 3 in the Jarov area
  • October 1, 2016 – PPZ was established in Prague 8
  • October 1, 2017 – PPZ will be established in Prague 1 and Prague 2
  • February 1, 2018 – PPZ will be established in the rest of Prague 3 and Prague 7


Parking tickets can be paid for using either the parking ticket machine (payment by card or cash: CZK/EUR) or by using the virtual parking clock web app. Customers will be identified using the license plate number of their vehicle. Inspection of parking permits will be conducted automatically using a monitoring system. That way there is no need to display the parking ticket or the permit behind the windshield of the vehicle.

Prague is divided into three sectors, the hourly charge will depend on the sector where you are parking. The first sector includes Prague 1, the second sector includes Prague 2, Prague 7 and areas of Prague 3, 6, 8 and 10, the third sector includes the remaining areas.

  • 1st price sector 80, – CZK/hr. €3,20/hr.
  • 2nd price sector 60, – CZK/hr. €2,40/hr.
  • 3rd price sector 40, – CZK/hr. €1,60/hr.

For residents, the following prices of permits apply (please keep in mind that if you wish to buy a permit for any additional cars you may have, the prices will be higher):

1. Normal residents

  • Yearly price: 1 200 CZK
  • Half-yearly price: 600 CZK
  • Quarterly price: 300 CZK

2. Residents older than 65 or holders of the ZTP (severe health disability) card

  • Yearly price: 360 CZK
  • Half-yearly price: 180 CZK
  • Quarterly price: 90 CZK

3. Natural person or legal person doing business in the area or owner of a property

  • Yearly price: 7 000 CZK
  • Half-yearly price: 3 500 CZK
  • Quarterly price: 1 750 CZK

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